This section provides an overview of FEEM SI 2013 main results, under two subsections:

The first one illustrates the main insights from the reference scenario covering the time horizon 2007-2030, where the following representations are available:

  • maps for selected years (2013-2020-2030) for each dimension (economy, society, environment) as well as for the overall sustainability;
  • ranking for the 40 countries/bundles of regions present in the FEEM SI 2013. This provides an immediate perception of the relative sustainability for all countries/bundles of regions in each year from 2007 to 2030. By playing with horizontal and vertical axes, one can easily compare the main drivers behind different scores between countries in terms of overall sustainability.
  • trends for the 40 countries/bundles of regions present in the FEEM SI 2013, as well as for a few macro-regions. There are two different ways to display results. First, it is possible to visualise trends year-by-year. Once again, by playing with horizontal and vertical axes, one can check whether, and to what extent, there are connections among performances in different pillars, and how changes occurring in one pillar or in Gross Domestic Product affect overall sustainability (time series). Moreover, differences between levels of sustainability in each pillar in different years are also available, in percentage change (time variations).
  • sensitivity showing the actual stability of the FEEM SI value in each year, considering a larger number of questionnaire respondents by means of artificial experts.

The second category of results concerns the implications induced by policy scenarios. For the whole set of policy scenarios (social, environmental and sustainable development), percentage changes for each pillar in all countries/bundles of regions over the period 2014 to 2030, with respect to the reference scenarios, are provided. This allows evaluation of the effectiveness of the different policies on the specific pillar of sustainability they directly refer to, as well as on the overall sustainability.